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Padova Fair

27-30 October 2011

At Padova fair the Registro Aurelia was once again present with a stand. Two Aurelias were shown : a B24 convertibile and a B50 Pinin Farina cabriolet. The choice of those 2 cars was not fortuitous as they had just made 1st and 3rd place at the major italian « Valli e Nebie » event in Ferrara.

The response of the public was excellent and our staff on site made contact with old members as well as new ones. We demonstrated to all visitors the renewed vigour of the Registro, and discussed new initiatives. We also made contact with other clubs with which synergies could help develop new activities.

We thank our members Stringhini, Salvo, Bersano and our volcanic secretary Robert Pozzi for the success of our presence at this event.

Meeting 27-30.10.11