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Le Aurelia nella terra dei Dauni - Mattinata

5-8 May 2011

This year’s « Gita di Primavera », the spring tour of the Registro Aurelia, was held in the beautiful coastal region of Gargano, North-East of Foggia, on the Adriatic coast.

A good number of teams took part in this gathering perfectly organized by our member Beppe Gentile. The hotel was located in a dominating position that allowed us to enjoy the beautiful sights over the area.

We discovered and tasted the region of Gargano, away from the beaten tracks. On the road along the coast we were accompanied by a blazing sun and a cool breeze.

The picturesque town of Peschici, Vieste the beautiful, the unknown cave churches, and the Church of the Arkangel San Michael located in an enormous cavern, also the shrine of Padre Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo were unforgettable sights. Forest Umbra reminded our friends Horst and Anneliese Nuber of Tyrol. The teams did not miss the culinary treats of the region, as could be witnessed by watching the many contented grins around the tables.

The next year (2012) the Gita is planned in Sicily, in the Catania region.

(Beppe Bagi, July 2011)

Meeting 5-8.5.2011