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Cremona, city of Art and Music .... and then Soresina!

30 September 2018

Fall Meeting 2018


This year the traditional fall meeting of the Registro took place in the city of the Torazzo.

A nice friendly day in fall and a warming sun saw many Aurelias meeting in Cremona.

After having parked our Aurelias on a place in the city center we started naturally by a visit of the violin museum. An ecceptional collection where all exhibits including instruments created by the hands of the most famous violin makers expressed music in all its forms. A young violonist with a Stradivari perfomed music pieces for us.

This was followed by a guided visit of the splendid cathedral and of the Torrazzo, the highest clock tower in Europe, symbol of Cremona.

We then drove to a restaurant in Soresina where we enjoyed a lunch of Cremonese specialities.

This was followed by a short visit to the city theater and then a reception by the President of Cavec, the Cremonese club of classic cars. We visited the cycle museum where bicycles from the whole world are exposed, from the first prototype around 1800 to classic cycles of the end of the forties.

Thus a pleasurable day out came to its conclusion, and we said thank you to the organisers, before taking the road back home in our beloved Aurelias.