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Registro Aurelia

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The story of the Registro

Established on May 12th, 1985 as a spontaneous gathering of about fifteen owners and lovers of this facinanting model, the Registro Aurelia immediately had a great success, not only in Italy, so that the founders established it as a non profit organisation on October 8th, 1986.

The main aims set forth by the Articles of Incorporation are to promote contacts and opportunities for meetings among those who are interested in the Aurelia, to promote or undertake research work, to find as many cars as possible, to help those who wish to bring Aurelias to original condition with advice and information, and finally to provide help in finding spare parts or having them remanufactured.

The Registro is the owner of the manufacturing lists of Lancia SpA concerning the Aurelia and is thus able to confirm the survivors’ originality based on production numbers of cars, engines and other major components.

The Registro maintains a list of known cars and owners.

The board of the Registro Works in close cooperation with the american, Australian, Austrian, English, French, German, Swedish and Swiss Lancia clubs.

It organises currently one meeting per year, those meetings normally take place in the spring, and are held in Italy or in other european countries. Their duration is typically 3 days, starting on a Thursday evening, and finishing on a Sunday after breakfast.

Those meetings, organised by a local member with the support of the Registro, aim to let the members discover the touristic beauties of the chosen region, while allowing the cars to be exercised on roads for which they were created. Those regular meetings serve to maintain a bond of friendship between the members of the Registro, and help new members getting acquainted with their cars, and the Aurelia world.

The Registro would like to expand with other activities, one of which is the website you are currently reading, some others are:

Membership fee is currently set at 60 Euros per year.

To contact the Registro, click here.

The Registro